Neurodata LAB

Neurodata Lab LLC is an innovation hub doing research in emotional artificial intelligence and emotion recognition technologies (Emotion AI Hub). The company invests in and implements scientific-research and high-tech projects in AI and Big Data, emotional computing, multimodal systems for detecting and recognizing emotions, physiological states and human behavioral patterns.


The client came to us for a website redesign and a new website layout. The main goal was to preserve the previous color style, but make the project appear more futuristic and advanced.


After a thorough briefing and several meetups with the client, we set about creating prototypes and new sections of the site. When the prototypes were approved, we redesigned the website using the existing style and corporate colors.

After the customer approved the design, the site was completed according to the technical specification, taking into account the backend requests. At the final stage, all pages with various scripts were tested, and all bugs were caught and fixed.

Home Page Before
Home Page After

Home page

We updated the style of the home page, giving it a clearer structure and making it look futuristic.
Home Page
Inner pages

Inner Pages

We created more inner pages and filled them with engaging content. We also described the products and developments of the company in detail.

Mobile version of the site

We also developed a mobile version of the site with a convenient and user-friendly interface.

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